Hyper automation

Post Acute Care Industry

This company is working to eliminate 200,000 manual
Hours a year spent on administrative work .


UiPath in use with the following limitations :

  • No automatic recovery is built-in in workflows rendering them non- resilient.
  • The solution becomes costlier as you scale.
  • Tech Leads and Architects must think about the scale of each workflow implementation individually as it is not automatic.
  • The reusability of developed workflows needs to be there.
  • Developer experience could be better, and the Vendor partnership model is challenging.


Intel-CS Team built a new-age platform that :

  • Used event-driven architecture.
  • Accelerated the development of new workflows and allowed the reuse of process components for multiple workflows, thereby saving costs and quicker rollouts.
  • The platform comprises of SDK, CLI, APIs, workflow repository management, and Prebuilt Workflows Governance.

The Platform developed

  • Used Kafka for communication.
  • Build Platform APIs
  • Built connectors for the actual worker using any RPA tool.
  • Clear domain boundaries
  • Technology: Nodejs, Typescript, Kafka, Conductor, Kubernetes, AWS, Postgres, Selenium, UiPath, Robocorp, Python
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