Data Analytics Platform for an Insurance company on Azure


Filling a gap in the insurance industry with data analytics platform, aiming scalability, business governance, high performance, and onboarding of newly acquired analyze data through added business units. The platform helps to analyze data through effective consolidation, review and reporting at various levels giving meaningful business insights for smart decisions and predictive capabilities. The platform also ensures cross learning in the acquired business unit


  • Every acquired business entity have a different data and structure, which needs to be normalised
  • Long duration on onboarding the new acquired business entity
  • Non-Consolidated and manual reporting across business units
  • The customer needed to create reports and dashboards to enable a comprehensive analysis of their business performance, improve their business processes and, consequently, enhance the customer service experience.
  • A significant manual effort to prepare reports
  • Manul reporting is prone to human error
  • Limited historical analysis possible
  • No ability to analyze business performance by slicing or dicing data


  • Orchestrated Azure based data platform which has the ability to data mapping, data transformation, and data normalization for all different acquired entities and structure to onboard future acquisitions.
  • The Platform Analyzed business unit’s historical data in consideration with current and future data sources, data types, data flow, and expected datasize.
  • We analysed the optimum performance of data pipelines by analyzing workloads
  • Effectively implemented auditing, logging, and validation for data accuracy
  • Effective logical and physical modelling for accurate schema design.
  • Effective design of dashboards by logical visualization which can bring Simplicity, Accuracy & Consistency for each business unit without much design changes.
  • Less or almost no maintenance of architectural design


  • Onboarding time of new business entities reduced by 95%
  • The parent organization is able to streamline processes for all acquired businesses
  • Visibility for parent organization stakeholders about consolidated revenue, profit, claims, delays, and business performance indicators
  • Real-time reporting and its access to through role management
  • Improved business visibility through web portal
  • Improved business decision making using critical insights from the platform

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