Low Code Automation


Customer is manufacturer of various automotive parts and had issues in handling various pre-production processes and its lifecycle.

Product Consideration

  • Inefficient scheduling of various pre-production
  • Manual dependency leading to delays and errors.
  • Lack of visibility and tracking of the pre-production
  • Inconsistent quality due to the involvement of multiple


To address these challenges, we proposed a solution that focused on automating the pre-production process, reducing manual dependency, and improving visibility and tracking. The key components of our solution were:

  • A centralized platform for managing the pre-production process, allowing the client to track and monitor progress in real-time.
    Automating the RFQ receipt process, which was a significant source of the problem.
  • Automated workflows for various pre-production processes, eliminating manual dependency and reducing delays.
  • Integration with third-party vendors to ensure seamless coordination and consistent quality.
  • Customized reporting and analytics to provide insights into the pre-production process and identify areas for improvement.


The automation solution reduced manual dependency, reduced the chances of errors, and ensured that the cycle was on schedule. As a result, the client was able to reduce losses and improve the efficiency of the entire process.


  • Improved scheduling and on-time delivery of pre-production parts, reducing losses due to delays.
  • Improved quality through standardized processes and coordination with third-party vendors.
  • Better visibility and tracking of the pre-production process, enabling proactive management of issues and risks.

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