Transforming Partner Relationship Management


Hanwha has been  experiencing a steadily growing network of channel partners who distribute and sell our products and services. It is paramount importance to ensure seamless collaboration and maximize mutual success.


  • Manual Partner Relationship Management
  • Time-Consuming Partner Communication
  • Limited Visibility into Partner Performance
  • Inefficient Lead Management

Solution: Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

iNTEL-CS offered a comprehensive platform custom tailored for Hanwha channel partners.

  • Centralized communication hub for announcements, updates, and product launches.
  • Real-time visibility into partner performance metrics, sales data, and deal progress.
  • Simplified partner onboarding, training, and access to marketing materials.
  • Streamlined lead distribution and co-selling support.
  • Customized partner portals for easy access to resources.

Tech Stack: Cloud-Native Application on AWS

  • MEAN Stack: Leveraging MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js for end-to-end JavaScript development.
  • AWS ECS: Utilizing AWS Elastic Container Service for scalable container orchestration.
  • MongoDB Atlas: Managing data in the cloud with MongoDB Atlas.

Key Takeaways

  • PRM System Streamlined Partner Management
  • Real-Time Data Improved Decision-Making
  • Automated Processes Enhanced Efficiency
  • Partner Satisfaction and Sales Increased


  • 40% Reduction in Administrative Workload
  • 50% Faster Partner Communication
  • 60% Increase in Sales Efficiency
  • 80% Improvement in Partner Satisfaction

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