Empowering Patient- Centric Care


The organization was founded in 1979 by a based couple who started healthcare organization with a commitment to serve the people with developmental limitations, their families and elderly people.

They are on their mission to provide opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment in mind, body and spirit to people with physical and mental health conditions. Their services include dental care, physical checkups, mental checkups, medication, helping people with disabilities with the needed help and support. Transportation to appointments, nutritious food and shelter.


The client’s dependence on outdated operational methods posed a risk of errors and inefficiencies, notably affecting the successful management of electronic health records, In addition to EHR challenges, there were other areas for potential process improvements that required attention, some of them are –

  • Incorporating new functionalities, process improvements, or modifications to accommodate operational changes/ spreads.
  • Navigating diverse patient needs and data sources across different home care settings to manage complex patient information seamlessly
  • Complexity in maintaining medication and nutrition data management
  • Proper utilization or allocation of on-field caregiver services
  • Challenge in managing clinical information and documentation
  • Accommodating compliance and regulations for seamless audits through custom reports


They partnered with iNTEL-CS consulting services to create a cloud based solution to automate their operations and maintaining an error free accessible data with secure framework.

  • Built on cloud agnostic and cost effective, secure scalable architecture
  • Used the right tools and technologies for business problems
  • Effective data consolidation through different systems
  • Provided data privacy and encryption
  • Provided reliable and secure application accessibility


Together we aimed for an objective: to deliver a scalable, agile, and secure application which effectively overcame process hurdles. The client experienced notable impacts as a result of our collaborative efforts

  • Improved accessibility, ensuring compliance and better-informed clinical decisions
  • Centralized application improving accessibility for information exchange by 70%
  • Improved medication and nutrition management by 75%
  • Personalized patient reports and forms
  • Improved responsiveness and efficiency in caregiving, facilitating quicker interventions
  • Optimized operational efficiency and smoother patient care transitions
  • Real-time progress of patient cases enabling proactive adjustments

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